Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Home exchange vacations are becoming popular. It is more comfortable compared to checking in a hotel. What is more exciting is that you get to explore an area as a local and not as a tourist. There is no any other prefect way to explore a new area at an affordable cost like a local with home exchange. No worry of hotel bills and you get to exchange everything from boats to cars. This actually means saving lots of dollars without limiting your holiday experience. However, many people do not know where to begin on the venture of having the best home exchange in Turkey.

Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Get the ideal agency

There are many agencies online that are committed to home swapping. You can find free ones although most of them charge an annual fee. Before you commit your cash into anything, take your time to view some of the houses in the place you wish to visit.

Never forget to sign a contract

It is a good idea to document your agreement and expectations regarding your home swap. A number of agencies have contract that both parties are required to sign. The legal agreement covers areas such as internet access, long distance telephone calls and also even use of family car. It may sound like overwhelming regulations which can put off many people but by the time you reach the contract phase, you will have gone through several swaps with your ideal potential swipes and a bit of form filling will not be an issue.

Put it down in writing

Remember that someone new will be living in your house. Make life easier by writing down anything a strange may need to know regarding your house. Include also ordinary details such as when to put the trash out, the best local pub and alarm system codes. It is also wise to leave a list of contact numbers for your guests and friends that have set of spare keys since this can come in handy during emergency times.

Communicate and communicate more

The number one key for a successful home swap is effective communication. Furthermore communicating helps build trust. Make an effort to know your exchange partners well. Share all kind of contacts details including your mobile phone numbers and your personal email addresses. In the last two weeks you should expect to communicate more particularly on those last minute details.

Consult with your insurance coverage

Involve your insurance company in your home swap plans. It is important to notify your insurance provider that your house will be occupied when you are on vacation. If exchanging cars is part of the agreement, make sure you confirm with your present insurance company whether it covers the guest driver. In addition, confirm with your home insurance provider whether they cover major catastrophe such as burst pipe or burglary.

Leave everything in order

Perform a general cleaning of your house and store away valuable items. Remember to put spare towels and bed linens. Many agencies advice on filling your fridge with healthy food for the first night and adding a bottle of Champagne can be more welcoming.

Turkish visas are not complex to obtain. You can acquire one upon arrival in Turkey or buy an e-visa online. However, your vacation may be enjoyable and relaxing with a perfect home swap plan.

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