Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Home exchange vacations are becoming popular. It is more comfortable compared to checking in a hotel. What is more exciting is that you get to explore an area as a local and not as a tourist. There is no any other prefect way to explore a new area at an affordable cost like a local with home exchange. No worry of hotel bills and you get to exchange everything from boats to cars. This actually means saving lots of dollars without limiting your holiday experience. However, many people do not know where to begin on the venture of having the best home exchange in Turkey.

Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Advice on Finding a Home Exchange in Turkey

Get the ideal agency

There are many agencies online that are committed to home swapping. You can find free ones although most of them charge an annual fee. Before you commit your cash into anything, take your time to view some of the houses in the place you wish to visit.

Never forget to sign a contract

It is a good idea to document your agreement and expectations regarding your home swap. A number of agencies have contract that both parties are required to sign. The legal agreement covers areas such as internet access, long distance telephone calls and also even use of family car. It may sound like overwhelming regulations which can put off many people but by the time you reach the contract phase, you will have gone through several swaps with your ideal potential swipes and a bit of form filling will not be an issue.

Put it down in writing

Remember that someone new will be living in your house. Make life easier by writing down anything a strange may need to know regarding your house. Include also ordinary details such as when to put the trash out, the best local pub and alarm system codes. It is also wise to leave a list of contact numbers for your guests and friends that have set of spare keys since this can come in handy during emergency times.

Communicate and communicate more

The number one key for a successful home swap is effective communication. Furthermore communicating helps build trust. Make an effort to know your exchange partners well. Share all kind of contacts details including your mobile phone numbers and your personal email addresses. In the last two weeks you should expect to communicate more particularly on those last minute details.

Consult with your insurance coverage

Involve your insurance company in your home swap plans. It is important to notify your insurance provider that your house will be occupied when you are on vacation. If exchanging cars is part of the agreement, make sure you confirm with your present insurance company whether it covers the guest driver. In addition, confirm with your home insurance provider whether they cover major catastrophe such as burst pipe or burglary.

Leave everything in order

Perform a general cleaning of your house and store away valuable items. Remember to put spare towels and bed linens. Many agencies advice on filling your fridge with healthy food for the first night and adding a bottle of Champagne can be more welcoming.

Turkish visas are not complex to obtain. You can acquire one upon arrival in Turkey or buy an e-visa online. However, your vacation may be enjoyable and relaxing with a perfect home swap plan.

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More useful advices for home exchange- Guest post

In the previous article I prepared an outline for the practice of home exchange . For those who wish to embark on the adventure and not traumatized at the thought of living this kind of experience , here are some suggestions based on my personal observations , but in any case, I do not want or can guarantee success or failure of a process .

If you have any doubts about the partner or the conditions of the exchange you are about to perform, grace stop any discussion or transaction. I suggest you start learning just with friends or relatives. You will then be able to conclude that the interest that the formula may have for you. Here are some tips and suggestions.

1 – Which websites ? There are many internet sites that offer this service, some are free, some paid . Personally , I prefer Home exchange / Bargains houses because it is well structured and globally recognized . As you explore some other options and decide which one suits you best. If by chance you want to go with your suggestions or questions , do not hesitate to use our email contact page. “Contact Us ” is here for!

Websites for home exchange

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2 – Can I go where I want and when I want :You must be flexible in their choice of destinations and dates? . You will receive offers for places that are not in your travel plans . We recently accepted an exchange with Tuscany , although we had not planned to stay in Italy. Many European applicants prefer the months of July and August to come to Quebec. Some Americans prefer applicants short stays and holiday season .

If you do not receive requests for exchange , you should ask the members of the network. The Home Exchange site allows you to perform a reverse to identify the list of applicants from other countries who wish to visit the Québec. It will then be easier to apply these applicants .

Do not dream in color, Quebec is not the most popular destination in demand. By cons , if your house is well located and well written and presented with attractive photos, your chances of success will be greatly increased supply . If your choice of destination and dates are flexible , this further increases your chances of finding the gem .

3 – What are my chances of success? When you request a member of the network, the positive response rate is usually low , between 5-10 %. It depends on your location and the quality of your offer. For example , the regions of Montreal , Quebec, Ottawa and Laurentian are more in demand than others. The houses near the rivers, close to major attractions and beautiful natural sites are very popular . You must make your offer the most compelling way possible , highlighting the benefits of your home , its location and your environment . People who live in the region can emphasize the great outdoors, sports, places to visit and easy access to urban centers. To help you along the way do not hesitate to analyze jobs posted on comparable sites.

4 – Planning Achieving a satisfactory agreement requires time and effort. Generally, a period of six months or more is required before entering into an agreement. You do not want to welcome anyone and need to know what kind of person you want. As I suggested in my first article that you find in the menu of  ” Travel Tips ” regular contact by email and Skype with your partner and do not be afraid to ask questions, all the questions. This ongoing communication will help you get better acquainted with those who eventually inhabit you. Ask for pictures of the house, the car , the environment in which you will live for a few weeks . You will avoid surprises …

Before incuring the travel and book airline tickets , make sure that the agreement between the two parties is clear , clean, precise . In the case of a simultaneous exchange , you must provide the host to your door. Make sure a neighbor or relative will be present at the arrival and stay of your visitors. Prepare documentation including a list of tips and advice on how your appliances, TV , alarm system , enter a phone number or email address in an emergency , the papers of the car , tourist brochures, etc. . Ask your partner to do the same for you. Make sure that the participants in the exchange will have access to a resource person for the duration of their stay in your home.

Despite all these precautions , can it be that one of the parties abandoned at the last minute ? Yes , it happens. During the discussions , prepare a plan B and discuss this possibility. Normally people arrange for the exchange is done in one way or another , even change some terms .

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What is Home Exchange?

Done on either a temporary or permanent basic, home exchange or house swap refers to the trading of homes, condominiums or apartments at a time that is convenient for both parties. The practice dates back to the 1950’s when it started as the swapping of vacation properties between the Swiss and Americans and then grew throughout Europe and the rest of the world. To facilitate contact between those desiring a house swap, organizations developed that put people in touch with each other. Home exchange has been on the increase in recent years due to the decline in the real estate market in the United States.
Home exchange is different from hospitality exchange in that with hospitality exchange people host each other in their homes at specific times. You stay as a guest with your house swap partner in their home and then they stay with you as your guest. For a hospitality exchange that may involve different states in the United States or different countries around the world, there is somewhat of a social aspect to this kind of exchange as well as having an immediate tour guide of your new environment.

A home exchange occurs more than 250,000 times a year so it is a very popular activity and can bring unexpected rewards. One of the advantages of doing a house swap is that you get an opportunity to look at and participate in other cultures, getting a feel for places you might want to visit again in the future. The people with whom you exchange homes might become more than a connection and the relationship may turn into a true friendship. In addition, you know that someone is taking care of your own home while you are away. By staying in a home, rather than a hotel, you have more freedom and flexibility as you can prepare meals at home and move about as you please. There is more privacy than staying at a hotel and the price is free.

As with all activities of this nature, there are some risks in doing a home exchange or house swap. You may have some reservations about strangers living in your home for an extended period of time. There may be concerns about neatness and keeping it as clean and tidy as you do. You may also be concerned about their breaking something in the home and their knowledge of available resources to fix it. In addition, there is a chance that the home you are getting may not be as was described to you and so you are disappointed with your exchange. Besides, the people with whom you are exchanging homes will face the same risks. However, there are steps that can be taken when making arrangements for the home exchange that can alleviate many of these concerns.

Getting Ready for a Home Exchange

Once you have found your home exchange partner, there are many things you will want to do as a host that will make the home swap experience an enjoyable and memorable one for both parties. The primary goal of preparing for the home exchange is to get your house in order for the arrival of your guests.

Getting Ready for a Home Exchange

Getting Ready for a Home Exchange

For items like televisions, the VCR, appliances, alarm systems, air conditioners, heating units and the washer and dryer, leave written directions and owner’s manuals in a convenient location so your house swap guests know how to use them and fix them in case of problems. You should also leave a list of the people you use for your home repairs in case something more major happens to the house. If you have pets and plants and they are not a part of the home swap, leave instructions that are clearly written as to their care.
You should put on hold the delivery of your mail if you are involved in a house swap and temporarily discontinue the delivery of your newspaper.

When doing a house swap, you should also provide space in dresser drawers and in the closets for your guests’ clothes and leave them plenty of hangers as well. You should also leave them clean towels and linens and let them know where they can find more if they run out. Stock up on items like toilet paper, bath soap and cleaning supplies so your guests will not need to purchase them in order to keep up the maintenance of your house. Your own valuable items should be stored away or locked up in a closet or safe.

Other preparations for a home exchange involve paying your bills ahead of time and getting the lawn mowed or bushes trimmed so your house swap guests do not need to be concerned about the maintenance of the property. If a car is part of the exchange, the guests will need to have copies of your auto insurance and registration; you might also want to get your car serviced so it is in working order. You should also leave emergency numbers for the police, the fire department, your doctor and a nearby hospital and the name and number of a friend or relative in case of emergencies. Also leave your cell phone number, any other numbers where you can be reached and your itinerary in case your guests need to reach you. Finally, make sure your home is clean and in order for your home exchange guests.

Basics of Home Exchange

The business of home exchange is one area of tourism that is expanding despite the global economic downturn. There are many reasons for this, one of which the most important is cost. It is less expensive to be involved in a house swap and save on spending money for hotels and meals in restaurants. When travelling these days, people are more curious about the locale and community they are visiting and a home exchange allows them the opportunity to more fully integrate into the neighborhood by living in someone else’s home. Finally, doing a house swap is a more ecological way to travel as those who exchange homes leave behind cleaner and neater environments than if they had travelled to a hotel.

Basics of Home Exchange

Basics of Home Exchange

The idea of a home exchange or house swap started in the 1950s when printed catalogs of houses were made available through various organizations. The Internet has done away with these printed catalogs and companies now post their listings on web sites and people interested in exchanging their houses can do so by looking up listings on the Internet and communicating by means of email. Many countries around the world are involved in home exchange, including the United States, France and other European countries, as well as emerging countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa.

There are many different kinds of people that are involved in a house swap. Primarily, professors, retirees, business executives, doctors, people who have their own businesses, lawyers and many other professionals take part in home exchange. They tend to be more educated and adventurous with an interest in learning more about different places and cultures. People involved in a house swap can be single, married coupled and families.
The advantage of home exchange is that there are almost unlimited opportunities for travel. You can choose a mountain resort, a seaside setting or visiting a more urban environment like Paris, London, New York or Hong Kong. When thinking about doing a house swap, you should start with a list of places you would like to visit. Then you should decide on some dates of when you want to travel and how long you want to stay at your location. While doing your research, keep your options open and add places to your list that you may not have previously thought about visiting. The more options you leave for yourself in your home exchange, the more likely you are to finding something appropriate that most matches your needs and desires. Making arrangements for a house swap requires more lead time than finding a hotel in a location so you should plan on four to six months to make all the necessary arrangements.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Home exchange


A home exchange offers you a vacation alternative—it’s an opportunity for you to stay in another person’s home while they stay in yours. It is a concept that has been around for years, and enjoys widespread usage around the world.


Most members who have used home exchange programs say they have never had a problem with missing property while they’ve been gone. Some of the more reputable home exchange programs conduct background checks on their members to ensure they provide quality members.  Our site insists on full background checks and ownership verification.

You should always complete an agreement or contract with your exchange partner. If you have agreed to allow them to use your car, make long-distance telephone calls or use your computer, assure the use of all this is added into the documents you complete.  Additional insurance coverage is not mandatory, but some members choose to extend their coverage.


Common sense dictates that any high-value items like expensive jewelry should be locked up in your house or placed in a safe deposit box at your local bank while you are gone.  What would you do if a swap were not occurring?  Simply use common sense when making your choices.


We recommend that you check with your home insurance company to ensure that your exchange partners are covered in the event an untimely accident occurs.  Accidents do happen, and cannot be foreseen or planned for. Often, home swap partners and their guests are covered under a guest category since you have permitted them to stay. Make sure that your auto insurance will cover them if you have agreed to swap vehicles, and determine that your guests have reciprocal driving privileges.  Driver’s Licenses from some countries are automatically reciprocal in other countries—some are not.  Take the responsibility to see if their licenses are reciprocal.  They’ll appreciate your courtesy!


What about them?  Do you feel safe letting an exchange partner drive your personal automobile during the swap?  Some participants allow the use of at least one vehicle during the exchange period. Ensure that your auto insurance covers your exchange guest.


This is an item to be discussed with your home exchange partner. It’s also a legal issue, because some pets may require quarantine for a period longer than the time of the swap. If you are amenable to having pets in your home, be sure to discuss this with your Home Exchange partner when you discuss various legal issues.


Prices are dictated by membership fees and any associated charges in the individual Internet-based home exchange programs. Prices vary, sometimes based upon the size and location of the home. Check to see if there are any other fees incurred with a particular exchange beyond the yearly membership fee with your exchange program.


This depends on how much you typically pay for each hotel room, rental car and restaurant meals while on vacation.  Eating at your domicile will lower overall food costs, because many of your meals will be eaten there as opposed to in a restaurant.


This is an age-old question, not simply dependent upon whether or not you are enrolled in a home-exchange program!  Of course, as a host, you want to make sure that your house is at least as clean as you would keep it while you are there. Often, swap partners will bring in a cleaning service to assure that the house is fully cleaned prior to arrival, and again prior to your return.  This is something you want to add into the exchange agreement and contract—- making sure that your exchange partner’s house is also clean. Leave the home in the same condition or better than what you found when you arrived.


You may do an exchange anywhere both parties are amenable to the swap.


Typically, home exchanges are for between 1 to 3 weeks.


The most obvious benefit is your ability to travel anywhere-especially to locations that you possibly would not have traveled to —without the home exchange program.

Depending on how you decide to travel dictates how much you will save, along with what side trips you may plan. Another added benefit is that you will be able to be on vacation and live like a local rather than a visitor or tourist on holiday.

Home Exchange for A relaxed vacation

Even in these days of home exchange programs, you might come across too many people who are avid travellers but in order to satiate their thirst of visiting strange locales and spending weeks in newer surroundings, either have to leave their homes at the mercy of fate or pay a significant cost to a caretaker, because of their illiteracy in this area. On the contrary, opting for home exchange offers a whole gamut of benefits and whenever you plan to go on a vacation, this could enable you a stress-free vacation and forget which part of the world you are visiting. Here is an interesting view about how home exchange can benefit you when you are want to be on a vacation with your family.

Home Exchange for A relaxed vacation

Home Exchange for A relaxed vacation

Home Exchange for your Peace of Mind during Vacation

Looking forward to a month long vacation away from home, at a new destination or country, is an overwhelming thought. But equally enough, this is the time when you may consider going for home exchange because you can’t discount the risks involved therein and the inability to look after your house in this period. Before leaving home, you certainly wish to have someone to take care of the garden, feed the pet or be there to tackle an unforeseen situation. You might not be fortunate enough to have a reliable neighbour or acquaintance for this task and therefore, home exchange for a temporary period looks a smart option.

Not just Home Exchange but an affordable program

Cost saved is cost earned and especially when you leave home and travel around, you are in dire need of money. That is where home exchange looks a profitable deal in this perspective too. At little or no expense, you can go for home swap with another interested family for an agreed time period. This would not only save a considerable sum of money to you but also assure safety and upkeep of your sweet home when you are away. Thus, a home exchange program makes a dually beneficial option for you.

With so many institutions working in this field and coming up with lucrative home exchange offers, your dream to enjoy a good deal of time at unexplored destinations with your family, has been made possible. Having entered into a stipulated home exchange agreement, you never have to worry about costs spent on lodging and boarding at a new place because as a result of a home exchange arrangement, you already have ensured a domestic ambience at that location.

Why Home Exchange is a good option for you

Why Home Exchange is a good option for you

Home exchange might be a relatively strange concept for you and it is also possible that though you have heard about it, you wondered why one would ever go for it. But given to know about the benefits you may reap from home exchange, it is quite certain that you start looking at this option optimistically. It should be interesting for you to know that besides the simple understanding you might get from this term itself, there are various alternatives with which you can get a different experience of residing in a changed domestic surrounding. Simply go through these salient features associated with home swapping.

Why Home Exchange is a good option for you

Why Home Exchange is a good option for you

Firstly, it would be ideal to know that a Home Exchange is an arrangement in which two families, coming from different parts of a country or world, are willing to swap over their homes for a specific amount of time, which is suitable and agreeable to both of them. As a result, both the parties agree not only to enjoy stay in each others’ homes but also look after each others’ houses just as they would have their own. This arrangement facilitates both sides to enjoy stay in a completely new surrounding as also be responsible for properly maintaining others’ place of residence.

With this newly developed tradition of home exchange all over the world, you now can freely consider the idea to visit some of the most unusual destinations on earth, and not worry about their distance from your native place, or the amount of time you would like to spend there. As a passionate voyager, who else other than you would know the thrill of exploring newer surroundings, knowing strange cultures and tasting unique dishes? With a home exchange program in place, even the most expensive locations of travel and places of stay look within your approach given the good amount of money you save with it.

Having understood what home exchange is, you can count on numerous benefits associated to it. For that reason, this concept though initiated at a less significant level, has now started grabbing attention especially of avid travellers and is gaining popularity in most parts of the world. Moreover, home exchange in itself has turned out to be a business opportunity not only for the international travel agencies but also for owners of multiple houses who can have a reasonable but steady cost for their home and also not worry about the maintenance of their accommodation!