More useful advices for home exchange- Guest post

In the previous article I prepared an outline for the practice of home exchange . For those who wish to embark on the adventure and not traumatized at the thought of living this kind of experience , here are some suggestions based on my personal observations , but in any case, I do not want or can guarantee success or failure of a process .

If you have any doubts about the partner or the conditions of the exchange you are about to perform, grace stop any discussion or transaction. I suggest you start learning just with friends or relatives. You will then be able to conclude that the interest that the formula may have for you. Here are some tips and suggestions.

1 – Which websites ? There are many internet sites that offer this service, some are free, some paid . Personally , I prefer Home exchange / Bargains houses because it is well structured and globally recognized . As you explore some other options and decide which one suits you best. If by chance you want to go with your suggestions or questions , do not hesitate to use our email contact page. “Contact Us ” is here for!

Websites for home exchange

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2 – Can I go where I want and when I want :You must be flexible in their choice of destinations and dates? . You will receive offers for places that are not in your travel plans . We recently accepted an exchange with Tuscany , although we had not planned to stay in Italy. Many European applicants prefer the months of July and August to come to Quebec. Some Americans prefer applicants short stays and holiday season .

If you do not receive requests for exchange , you should ask the members of the network. The Home Exchange site allows you to perform a reverse to identify the list of applicants from other countries who wish to visit the Québec. It will then be easier to apply these applicants .

Do not dream in color, Quebec is not the most popular destination in demand. By cons , if your house is well located and well written and presented with attractive photos, your chances of success will be greatly increased supply . If your choice of destination and dates are flexible , this further increases your chances of finding the gem .

3 – What are my chances of success? When you request a member of the network, the positive response rate is usually low , between 5-10 %. It depends on your location and the quality of your offer. For example , the regions of Montreal , Quebec, Ottawa and Laurentian are more in demand than others. The houses near the rivers, close to major attractions and beautiful natural sites are very popular . You must make your offer the most compelling way possible , highlighting the benefits of your home , its location and your environment . People who live in the region can emphasize the great outdoors, sports, places to visit and easy access to urban centers. To help you along the way do not hesitate to analyze jobs posted on comparable sites.

4 – Planning Achieving a satisfactory agreement requires time and effort. Generally, a period of six months or more is required before entering into an agreement. You do not want to welcome anyone and need to know what kind of person you want. As I suggested in my first article that you find in the menu of  ” Travel Tips ” regular contact by email and Skype with your partner and do not be afraid to ask questions, all the questions. This ongoing communication will help you get better acquainted with those who eventually inhabit you. Ask for pictures of the house, the car , the environment in which you will live for a few weeks . You will avoid surprises …

Before incuring the travel and book airline tickets , make sure that the agreement between the two parties is clear , clean, precise . In the case of a simultaneous exchange , you must provide the host to your door. Make sure a neighbor or relative will be present at the arrival and stay of your visitors. Prepare documentation including a list of tips and advice on how your appliances, TV , alarm system , enter a phone number or email address in an emergency , the papers of the car , tourist brochures, etc. . Ask your partner to do the same for you. Make sure that the participants in the exchange will have access to a resource person for the duration of their stay in your home.

Despite all these precautions , can it be that one of the parties abandoned at the last minute ? Yes , it happens. During the discussions , prepare a plan B and discuss this possibility. Normally people arrange for the exchange is done in one way or another , even change some terms .

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