What insurance for home exchange?

What insurance for home exchange?

What insurance for home exchange?

The exchange of the house or apartment for the holidays is a formula that has more success. Indeed, it allows families to discover new lands cheaply. Focus on the steps to take to go in peace.

What insurance home exchange ?

Organizations that offer these services often allow the people concerned to settle insurance issues regarding the exchange of the house and sometimes the family car. But no one is immune to accidents, whether due to lack of maintenance of the dwelling that is ready as emanations of a water heater caused a intoxication, whether it be water damage or glass breakage caused by guests, or a road accident with the vehicle borrowed. It is not always easy to know how is ensured with foreign family who practice the exchange or what the regulations in force in the country where you will spend your holidays. It is particularly to be particularly careful if the country of destination is outside the European Union. Also, it is essential to examine for discovery on the cover of traded goods and responsibilities incurred.

Steps before the exchange of your houses or apartments

Before any contract of home exchange, It should  be checked,  the resort’s liability coverage exchange partner who will occupy your home. In any case, it is preferable that each family says the situation prior to the insurer. It can thus adapt guarantees insurance contracts concerned by inserting, for example, a waiver against the head in the comprehensive home insurance contract clause or provision account.

Before taking the wheel of the car of the foreign family, it is essential to get the insurance contract that covers the vehicle, to ensure that its responsibility is to guarantee towards third and passengers and check the extent of the guarantees, including damage to the vehicle.

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The comprehensive home insurance

The comprehensive home insurance does not cover rental degradation and trip cancellation due to last minute cancellation of partner exchange.Damage to housing are generally supported under homeowners’ insurance, but the insurer may then turn against the occupiers responsible.  It is included in most homeowners’ contracts and cover damage due to fire, explosion or water damage outside of usual residence. This warranty is limited and often limited in time and space. It is therefore important to check these limits, especially the boundaries in case of exchange with foreigners.

It is important to clarify the insurer guarantees that these play strictly the same conditions as if the house had been occupied by the insured himself.  It should also be confirmed by the insurer that the personal liability of the owner plays against occupants, particularly in cases of injuries caused by maintenance of the dwelling default.

Vehicle insurance

Regarding the vehicle, it must first ensure that the contract does not contain a clause exclusive driving. This specifies that certain guarantees are granted to the extent the vehicle is driven exclusively by the driver named.

In case of accident, the damage will be reimbursed according to the responsibilities and guarantees of the contract. As for passengers, in France, they are compensated for their injury and damage by the insurer of the vehicle, under the mandatory liability coverage. However, if the driver responsible for the accident is injured, he does not receive compensation if the car insurance contract includes an optional warranty for personal injuries suffered by any authorized driver.

In case of exchange with foreigners, it is also necessary to verify that the damage to the vehicle occupants are properly insured.

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