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OK—So Why Should Anyone Join a Home Exchange Program?

It’s something old—yet branded as new— because the Internet has made the terms and conditions of the process totally different. Those traveling worldwide want to find ways to make travel simpler, less costly, and much more personal.  Try using Home Exchange. Joining a home exchange program allows you to visit places you might otherwise never travel to because you think they are simply out of your reach- so expensive to visit.

Home exchange has existed for decades. In the early 1900’s, homeowners in Europe and in America found themselves visiting and occupying each other’s homes during different seasons of the year.  The use of the Internet to search out home exchange programs has simply increased the number of home exchanges available, and has expanded the ability for swaps to occur in areas which might not otherwise have enjoyed the practice. It’s been a popular pastime for some time in Europe and in Africa.  Now, the trend is growing throughout the world.

Where do you want to go on your trip? You simply work out the swap and stay in the home of the host in the location where you want to visit, and allow them to visit and stay in your home. Some home exchange programs on the Internet allow you to swap homes for free. Others require you to join and pay a yearly fee.Some fee-for-service websites screen the members of their programs and require them to meet very high quality standards in terms of creditworthiness and tenure in home ownership to be able to participate in their programs.  One or two run background checks on the participants, making sure that there is no criminal or civil trial history.  This serves as an advantage to you when questioning whether, for example, the person living in your home should be permitted to drive your car, use your boat or Jet Ski, or whether you should extend the use of your club memberships.

One benefit of joining a home exchange program is the wide variety of locations where you may be able to stay. Visiting different locations each year on holiday falls within the grasp of most homeowners worldwide. The savings you achieve may be significant and those savings may be used for sightseeing, souvenirs and local or regional attractions while visiting.  Keep in mind that since you are staying in a private residence, it’s entirely different than staying in a multi-star rated hotel.

Another benefit?  The swap family living in your home offers added security for your own home while you’re away on vacation.  There’s no vacant home, visible to potential thieves or burglars.  There is no delivered mail or newspapers, which might alert a potential burglar to an empty house.

Home exchanges are preferred by many because one is able to save money by preparing your own food in the comfort of the home you are staying in rather than eating in restaurants every day. In most cases, there will be significant space in the home you are staying—much more than in any hotel room you could rent. Meeting the neighbors and friends of the family with whom you are swapping can greatly increase the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the local residents.

In order to find the right home and exchange partner, you have to make sure that the service you are going through is a reputable one and has a good background.

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